Madrasa Mohammadia Furqania

Madarsa Mohammadiya FurqaniyaRayyam Jhanjharpur is busy district Madhubani is busy in service of spiritual literature for about 50 years. The foundation of this institute had took place on 5th April1927 as 1387 Hj. By holy hands of late Maulvi Muhammad Zain Ul Haq resident Narayanpur Shikarlion Darbhanga’s nod late Haji Muhammad Alamgeer with his companions. The institute is situated at district Madhubani Rayyam Jhanjarpur in west Bihar. There the population of Muslims in neighbourhood is spare and distant. Although the aim of institution’s foundation is only sacred literature. Besides this, there is given epochal education foresight the conditions. Along this, there is the best arrangement for the training of regale to Islam, betterment and doctrine etc. The regularisation and federation of Madarsa Islamia is Fulwari Shareef Patna. The teaching curriculum and examinations are Read More>>>

Madrasa At A Glance

» Year Of Establishment    :    April 1967 (1387 H)
» Founders Of Madrasa      :    Alhaj Md. Alamgeer Sb,  Alhaj Md. Liyaqat Hussain Sb,  Alhaj Md. Qutubuddin Sb.
                                           Md. Nabi Bakhsh Sardar Sb, Md. Asrarul Haq Sb.,   Molvi Ayyub Ahmad Rahmani Sb.
» Patron Of Madrasa         :    Alhaj Muhammad Zafar Alam Sb.
» President Of Madrasa     :    Alhaj Gulam Mustufa Sb.
» Nazim Of Madrasa          :   Muhammad Shareef Alam Sb.
» Total Teacher & Staff     :   12                  » Total Sudent  : 400                      » Contributive Students : 100
»Annual Expenditure         :   13,50,000 (Thirteen Lakh and Fifty Thousand)
» Annual Budget (2017-18) :   15,00,00 (Fifty Lakh Rupees (Approx.))

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