Introduction Of Madrasa Mohammadia Furqania

Dear friends ...................................Assalam Alaikum

Madarsa Mohammadiya FurqaniyaRayyam Jhanjharpur is busy district Madhubani is busy in service of spiritual literature for about 50 years. The foundation of this institute had took place on 5th April1927 as 1387 Hj. By holy hands of late Maulvi Muhammad Zain Ul Haq resident Narayanpur Shikarlion Darbhanga’s nod late Haji Muhammad Alamgeer with his companions. The institute is situated at district Madhubani Rayyam Jhanjarpur in west Bihar. There the population of Muslims in neighbourhood is spare and distant. Although the aim of institution’s foundation is only sacred literature. Besides this, there is given epochal education foresight the conditions. Along this, there is the best arrangement for the training of regale to Islam, betterment and doctrine etc.
The regularisation and federation of Madarsa Islamia is Fulwari Shareef Patna. The teaching curriculum and examinations are taken with punctuality under the supervision of the federation of Madarsa. There is no ascription of institute with government and government institution nor any grant is accepted. It depends only on the co operation of well wishers. At present, there are studying about 200 local and exterior students. The institute makes arrangement for abiding, food and other needs of about 100 residents and exterior students. There are employed capable teachers for all the functions of institute.
The old building is insufficient for ministrative students. Therefore, there is requirement to construct new classrooms and lodge etc as the number of students is increasing day by day. At present the institute is unable to travel the expense of construction load. Its all dependence goes on nation. Due to countryside, the supply of currency or donation is arduous. There are organized parliament and matron committee to conduct the system normal and regular.Its seat holds on fix time. All incumbents give their suggestions except paying attention and supervision in all departments.
The annual budget of institute is Rupees 13,50,000. Hence, the institute is coping with financial scarcity this time. So the well wishers are requested to co operate with dearness and generosity.

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