Departments Of Madrasa

Education system: In institute there is given the education of Arabic and Persian up to class third and the best teachers are appointed for the purpose. This language has a great value in Islam and theology.

Memorizing and recommendation department: In this department there is given education of memorizing with recommendation. Centralising the consideration for basic elements the Quran is taught. Along this, the recital is also make practiced. Therefore, the sincere Qari are appointed.

Primary department: under this department, there is the best arrangement for the classes of theology,Nazra Quran, Noorani primer, Basic Pesian and Hindi,English,Math, Geography and other epochal subjects. The education standard is upto class

Curriculum: The education is given according to the curriculum of digester federation Madarsa Islamia Fulwari Shareef Patna.

Exam department: The all education & annual exams are held on determined time by faculty sent by federation madarsa Islamia Fulwari Shareef. The monthly and half yearly examinationsare conduct by Madarsa. The regional Ulemas are invited to take exams and written & oral exams are held under their supervision.

Teachers: the trained, sincere and experience holder Ulemas are appointed for class Arabic, theology and Persian. For epochal education the trained teachers are appointed. With grace of Allah; all the teachers are busy in in doing their best in teaching.

Mess department: under the department, Madarsa does the arrangement of meal of hostler and ministrative students. Besides, the non ministrative students are given food by taking a little charge. Such students are usually very few.

Reform department: under this department there, the consideration on improvement of students, habits and qualification, study of outward books, written and oral practice, interest in regale programme is developed with high spirits. This department has the supervision of sincere teachers. For which a short meeting is held every Thursday after Namaz Maghrib.

Library: the library is compulsory for all teaching institutions because there are many difficulties to be face in teaching without library. Although some of the books are available in Madarsa and a big growth is expected. Almirah is required for their demeanour. Because there is a deep relation between knowledge and books.

Propagation department: In this department, there is done the work of slip, advertisement, income and expenses, detail and other works are performed.

Hostel: boarding house in Madarsa is established for the students learning legalism that is included in main needs of public. Legal issues & theology issues are to face by public day by day. So through this department there is absolute solution for legal & theologyissues in the form of complete answer.

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